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VIDEO: Angry Americans Leave President Biden Horrified


Yikes. This is BAD.

On Friday, President Biden got the shock of his life when he faced a chorus of boos during his vacation in Lake Tahoe on the West Coast. As per information from the White House, the Bidens have opted to rent a $18 million property owned by environmental advocate, entrepreneur, and former Democratic presidential contender Tom Steyer. The rental is being done at a fair market rate for a period of nine days. This vacation follows President Biden’s visit to Hawaii, where he assessed the aftermath of the recent devastating wildfires.

According to Fox, a video of the incident quickly gained traction on social media platforms, capturing the moment when the president approached the press to discuss economic matters while a group of onlookers expressed their disapproval through jeers.

During the video, he engaged with a member of the press, stating, “I’ve been talking to the UAW. Obviously, I’m concerned. I think that there should be a circumstance where the jobs that are being displaced and replaced with new jobs, the first choice should go to the UAW members who had the jobs, and the salary should be commensurate.” However, his statements were intermittently drowned out by the shouts from the crowd.


For critics of Biden, the footage of him being booed provided a source of amusement and validation. Liz Peek, a contributor to Fox News, commented, “Good – he deserves it,” while Jake Schneider, the GOP Rapid Response Director, noted, “The best part is the look on his face when he hears it.”

The White House refrained from offering any comments when approached for a response.


For a second you almost feel bad for President Biden however when you remember the extent to which he has gone to destroy his political opponent Donald J. Trump using the DOJ you realize he deserves it.