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Biden To Make Beer Illegal In America?

If Americans already didn’t hate Biden and his administration enough.

The alcohol czar under President Biden has suggested that American officials might advise citizens to limit their alcohol consumption to a maximum of two beers per week.

According to Fox, George Koob, the Director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), discussed the possibility of aligning U.S. alcohol guidelines with those of Canada. At present, American guidelines recommend men to consume no more than two drinks per day, while women are advised to limit themselves to one drink. These recommendations are set to be reviewed in 2025.

In contrast, Canada’s guidelines advocate for a stricter limit of two drinks per week. Koob, who personally enjoys a couple of glasses of Chardonnay weekly, is observing Canada’s approach with interest. He emphasized that there are no significant physical health benefits associated with alcohol consumption, and he expressed doubt that American alcohol consumption recommendations will increase. He suggested that if any change occurs, it might lean towards the Canadian model.

Koob highlighted that the perceived benefits of alcohol are often tied to dietary habits and socio-economic factors, such as the Mediterranean diet and the ability to afford fresh food. He acknowledged alcohol’s social role as a “social lubricant.”

The comments from Koob have generated varied reactions. Texas Republican Rep. Troy Nehls criticized the recommendations, viewing them as undue interference in Americans’ lives by the Biden administration. Distilled Spirits Council’s Amanda Berger expressed concerns that Koob’s statements undermine the scientific process of developing dietary guidelines.

As of now, NIAAA defines heavy drinking for men as consuming over four drinks in a day or 14 drinks in a week, and for women, heavy drinking is consuming more than three drinks in a day or seven drinks in a week.

This discussion on alcohol consumption guidelines comes amidst other regulatory actions by the Biden administration, including proposals to restrict the use of gas stoves. Recent revisions to the projected savings from gas stove regulations have sparked debates over the feasibility and impact of these measures.