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Top Republican Faces Criticism From Own Party

Is he making good decisions or does he deserve the criticism?

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is facing a lot of criticism from different factions of the GOP who claim that he is preparing to announce his presidential bid for 2024.

DeSantis in the past few months has received a lot of support from the conservative wing of his party who have praised him for winning his reelection by close to 19 percentage points during the 2022 midterm election. In the rest of the country, the GOP had several disappointing results during the midterm election as many high-profile candidates endorsed by former President Donald Trump did not manage to win in key swing states.

DeSantis has also received a lot of support because of his opposition to the lockdown and other pandemic-related mandates. Earlier this year some polls showed DeSantis as a potential frontrunner for the GOP 2024 primary, however since then Trump, who has already announced his candidacy, has gained a substantial lead. DeSantis on the other hand has not yet announced whether or not he is going to run in the presidential election in 2024, but it is widely expected that he is preparing to announce his bid following the end of his state’s legislature.

On Sunday, while speaking to CBS News’s Face the Nation, Representative Nancy Mace, a South Carolina Republican, slammed DeSantis for signing a six-week abortion ban in mid-April. Mace also pointed out that DeSantis had signed the Florida legislation “in the dead of night.” Mace, who was a rape victim herself, is considered a moderate Republican on the abortion issue, and she has argued that DeSantis is putting too much pressure on rape victims, and “girls who are victims of incest” with the six-week ban, she added that she does not support this move and that she believes this bill puts DeSantis “in a very difficult position for a general election, in my opinion.”