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Biden Gets Handicap Assistance


Yea, we need a new president.

President Biden has reportedly been opting for the use of “lower stairs” on Air Force One in order to reduce the risk of tripping incidents and make his presidential travel more manageable. According to a Politico report, two of Biden’s advisers have acknowledged this deliberate shift in strategy, aiming to limit potential missteps and ensure his comfort during travel.

Why not just go ahead and install a wheelchair ramp? Biden is old and that isn’t his fault.

According to Fox, As part of this effort, President Biden has been seen wearing sneakers instead of dress shoes recently, with Politico noting that this change is due to a need for increased comfort as he ages. Previously, Biden had been hesitant to wear anything other than dress shoes, believing it might appear less presidential. However, he has become more flexible on this matter in recent months.


When questioned by Bloomberg’s Justin Sink about the reported change and whether the president was facing mobility issues, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre did not provide a specific decision-making process but mentioned the existence of protocols related to Air Force One.

It is true that President Biden has stumbled multiple times while walking up the stairs of Air Force One, leading to concerns among voters, Democrats, and even his own aides regarding his age and ability to serve a potential second term in the 2024 re-election campaign.

Politico highlighted that presidents typically use the shorter stairs during inclement weather conditions, adding that Biden’s aides are actively working to minimize situations that might emphasize any physical frailty.

Despite the concerns, President Biden has defended his age, considering it an advantage, and has asserted that he possesses extensive wisdom and experience, surpassing that of the majority of people. In a May interview with MSNBC, he expressed confidence in his capabilities and track record of being honorable and effective.