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Video: Obama The President?

Nick Knupffer, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

What is going on?!?

Welp, it happened again folks. It seems like every time you put President Biden on camera he somehow figures out how to humiliate himself on the world stage and this time Biden made another huge mistake.

Lawmakers needs to seriously sit down and have a conversation about President Biden’s mental health because this is getting bad.

This time is appears that while introducing former President Barack Obama for a speech, Biden appears to have called himself Obama’s Vice President.

In video provided by Post Millennial, Biden blatantly says, “My name is Joe Biden and I’m Barack Obama’s Vice President – and Jill’s husband.” 


Obama then runs up to the stage and calls Biden the Vice President. “Thank you. Vice President Biden. Vice President – that was a joke,” Obama said trying to fix the mistake.

“That was all set up,” Obama adds.