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Biden’s DOJ Doesn’t Want Americans To See This


Why so much secrecy?

Special Counsel Jack Smith is making a strong case against permitting cameras in the trial concerning former President Trump’s alleged election interference. In a recent court filing, Smith has put forth a request to reject the applications from a consortium of media organizations, hereafter referred to as the “Media Coalition,” and NBCUniversal, which aim to “record and telecast” Trump’s federal 2020 election interference trial.

According to The Hill, Smith’s argument is based on federal and local regulations that, in his view, prohibit granting the relief sought by the applicants, which is the inclusion of cameras in the courtroom during the trial.


Additionally, he contends that the policy proposed by the applicants has previously been rejected, making it prudent for the court to continue denying their applications.

This request from Smith is a response to the “Media Coalition’s” petition in early October, wherein they asked the presiding judge to allow cameras in the courtroom. The media outlets’ argument centers on Trump’s unique status as a former president, his current presidential candidacy, and the serious charges against him, which they assert create compelling reasons for ongoing scrutiny of the justice system.

The media outlets stated, “Never in the history of our nation have we witnessed a federal criminal trial that merits audiovisual access more than the federal prosecution of former President Trump for allegedly attempting to undermine the will of the people.”