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DOJ Prepares To Raid Trump Again?


Could this really be happening?

It has just been learned that the Justice Department is now asking several witnesses if former President Donald Trump was hiding any more classified documents at Trump Tower in Manhattan or even in his private club in Bedminster, New Jersey!

Could the DOJ be trying to raid Trump again?!? That could be possible.

According to Rolling Stone, some unnamed sources are now alleging that the FBI is asking people who know Trump if he ever transported any of his classified documents from Mar-a-Lago to any other of his properties.

The FBI wanted to know specifically about Trump Tower in Manhattan and his New Jersey property.


“It was obvious they wanted to know if this went beyond just Mar-a-Lago,” one source claimed.

After reporters reached out to the Justice Department about these allegations they refused to comments about the rumors.

The New York Times is now also claiming that the Justice Department told Trump’s lawyers that they believe Trump has even more documents than they initially recovered from the raid at Mar-a-Lago.

The FBI is currently interviewing a number of several Trump associates. At this point there is no telling what the DOJ will do.