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Trump’s Warning If He’s Jailed


This has many Americans worried.

Former President Donald Trump has expressed concern over wild speculation that special counsel Jack Smith’s next indictment could lead to his arrest and detention. Trump believes such an action would be detrimental to the country and may incite potential danger due to the passionate support of his voters, which he claims has grown significantly since the elections of 2016 and 2020.

According to Newsmax, Trump conveyed his worries during an interview with Des Moines, Iowa’s WHO Newsradio 1040, stating that discussing his potential arrest is a dangerous topic given the fervent backing he enjoys among his supporters.

Regarding the likelihood of detention, it would be necessary for the Justice Department to prove that Trump poses a danger to society, especially if he faces criminal charges related to the events of January 6, potentially brought by Jack Smith. However, Trump believes that the true threat to society lies in the possibility of a weaponized DOJ and politically motivated prosecutor using his arrest to undermine his role as a leading opposition candidate and interfere with the electoral process.


Trump raised concerns about the apparent conflict of interest involving Jack Smith, whose wife has donated to President Joe Biden and is involved in producing a documentary about Michelle Obama.

Former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker also expressed his views on the matter, stating that talk of pretrial detention for Trump is not only absurd but lacks legal grounds. Whitaker sees it as a transparent attempt to stifle Trump’s presidential campaign and prevent him from sharing his message with the public.

According to Whitaker, there are only two valid reasons for detaining a person under the federal system: being a flight risk or posing a risk to oneself or the community. He argues that Trump fulfills neither of these criteria and should be allowed to continue his presidential campaign without interference, as any attempt to detain him pretrial would appear to be an act of election interference.