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Trump’s Georgia Case Officially Derailed?


Things are looking good for Trump in Georgia right now!

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, currently under scrutiny for alleged impropriety in her relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade, has addressed these accusations in response to court documents filed by Michael Roman, a co-defendant of former President Trump. Roman and his legal team claim that Willis, who brought election interference charges against Trump, engaged in an improper affair with Wade, thereby compromising her position in the case.

In her recent court filing, Willis refutes the allegations, dismissing them as “salacious” and lacking merit. She contends that her professional association and friendship with Wade since 2019 did not translate into a personal relationship at the time of Wade’s appointment in November 2021. Willis argues that Roman provides no evidence supporting the claim that any prosecutorial decisions were influenced by a personal relationship.

Willis asserts that Roman’s motions aim to fabricate a conflict of interest, emphasizing that attacks on Wade’s qualifications are baseless. She defends Wade as a highly capable litigator with significant trial experience, dismissing comparisons to other prosecutors’ invoiced work as off-mark.


The legal dispute takes a complex turn with Roman’s claims of Wade billing taxpayers at a high rate and allegations of financial benefits and lavish vacations. Willis challenges these assertions, stating that comparisons to other prosecutors are misleading.

Separately, attorney Ashleigh Merchant, representing Roman, files a lawsuit against the Fulton County DA’s office for non-compliance with the Georgia Open Records Act. Merchant accuses Willis and her team of intentionally withholding information ahead of an upcoming hearing.

The situation escalates as the House Judiciary Committee subpoenas Willis for alleged misuse of federal funds and firing a whistleblower. Willis denies the allegations, calling them false and baseless.

Facing increased legislative scrutiny, two bills have been voted on in the Georgia state legislature to investigate Willis’ office, including the formation of a special committee with subpoena power. Despite the serious nature of the allegations, the trial date for the racketeering case against Trump remains uncertain. The developments in this case underscore the challenges Willis faces and the potential impact on the legal proceedings.