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VIDEO: Texas Governor Facing MAGA Revolt


Abbott needs to remain vigilant and stand up to President Biden at all costs.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is facing criticism on social media following the release of a video allegedly depicting an open gate in a section of the border wall between Texas and Mexico at Eagle Pass. The footage, shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Chase Geiser, a reporter for the conservative-leaning Infowars website, highlights what he perceives as a lapse in border security. Geiser questions why Governor Abbott hasn’t closed the gate, emphasizing the ease with which irregular migrants could enter the United States through various openings in the wall.

In the video, Geiser points out that the wall ends in the area, allowing individuals to simply walk around it. Additionally, an open gate on private property provides another entry point. The video captures a pickup truck, allegedly driven by a Texas State Guard member, passing through the open gate.


The X post sparked a strong reaction from right-wing activists, particularly those aligned with Donald Trump and the MAGA movement. Criticism of Abbott’s border control measures flooded social media, with some users questioning the effectiveness of constructing a wall when open gates remain.

Despite the backlash, some individuals defended Governor Abbott, noting that the gate in question is federal property, beyond the state’s jurisdiction. The tensions between Texan authorities and the federal government escalated after the Supreme Court ruling allowing the removal of razor wire along the border, as ordered by Abbott. The governor invoked Texas’ constitutional authority to protect against what he deemed an “invasion,” gaining support from 25 other Republican governors.

Adding to the controversy, the Texas Military Department posted a photo on social media featuring the “Come And Take It” flag, historically associated with Texan rebels, alongside the state flag, further fueling the ongoing debate over border security.