Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Biden Blames Americans For Supply Chain Crisis

This is absolutely disgusting.

The 2024 midterms are coming up. The liberal media, Democrats and President Biden know they cannot look bad or else it was be a disaster for them.

One thing they cannot blame on the Republicans right now is the supply chain crisis. This happened completely under Biden’s presidency. So how will they justify this to the American people? They will now start blaming American workers.

According to Breitbart, CNBC recently came out and blamed the sick workers and America’s truckers for the bare shelves people are noticing at their local grocery stores across America. “Empty shelves have returned at supermarkets as grocery employees call out sick and truckloads of food arrive late,” CNBC said.

Funny enough they did not mention anything about President Biden or Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s policies which is obviously a key reason for these delays.

What’s worse is that Biden and Buttigieg are now touting their victories to the American people. Buttigieg recently came out and claimed that he and Biden “saved” Christmas this year after being the ones who put America in that predicament in the first place.


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