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VIDEO: Trump Rally Leaves Democrats Speechless


President Biden and the Democrats are pulling their hair out about this.

In a display of his signature bravado, Former President Donald Trump once again touted the magnitude of his rally attendees, this time at a gathering in New Jersey on a Saturday which left the Democrat party speechless.

The event, held in Wildwood, saw Trump addressing what his team claimed to be over 100,000 supporters, while estimates from local officials suggested a figure closer to 80,000 to 100,000. Trump, in his characteristic style, emphasized the vastness of the crowd, stating that the multitude extended beyond visible bounds.

However, social media narratives painted a more nuanced picture. Videos surfaced depicting portions of the crowd dispersing before Trump concluded his speech, indicating a dwindling audience. Journalists on-site corroborated these observations, noting the diminishing numbers as Trump continued his address.


While Trump’s allies took to social media to extol the size of the gathering, comparisons with other large-scale events cast doubt on the purported enormity. Aerial photographs juxtaposed with past rallies and concerts revealed disparities, prompting skepticism regarding the accuracy of the reported figures.

Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert and Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene echoed Trump’s camp in praising the rally’s turnout, yet online commentators juxtaposed images of previous events to challenge assertions of record-breaking attendance.

In essence, while Trump’s rally in Wildwood garnered fervent support from his loyalists and accolades from his allies, scrutiny from social media users and comparative analyses highlights the complexities of assessing crowd sizes and the narratives surrounding political gatherings.