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VIDEO: Biden’s Disgusting Mother’s Day Message


The Trump team didn’t remain silent about Biden’s sick attack.

On Mother’s Day, the Biden campaign took a poignant stance, leveraging the occasion to launch a critique against former President Trump in a newly released campaign video, advocating for Americans to put a halt to Donald Trump.

“Happy Mother’s Day. At the Biden White House, we are urging people to do the mothers in their lives a favor. Stop Donald Trump,” expressed the Biden campaign in a press release that accompanied the video.

In this video message, the Biden campaign highlighted the stark contrast between their candidate and Trump, asserting that “On Mother’s Day, a reminder: Donald Trump supports only himself and not for moms across America and their families.”

“The stakes of this election are high for all Americans, but especially for moms across our country who would face hardships under a second Trump term,” the video emphasized.

The campaign’s message continued to elucidate the potential ramifications of another Trump presidency, citing concerns such as increased government surveillance of pregnancies and family separation policies. Conversely, the video underscored President Biden’s commitment to reinstating his landmark expanded Child Tax Credit and ensuring paid leave for all Americans.

Enumerating various grievances against Trump’s policies, the Biden campaign elucidated on issues ranging from restricted access to fertility treatments to punitive measures against women seeking abortions, alluding to Trump’s contentious stance on maternal rights.

Furthermore, the Biden campaign warned of the dire consequences to maternal health and women’s welfare under Trump’s purported efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, framing Trump’s economic agenda as potentially detrimental to mothers and families.

“Families rely on mothers – and mothers deserve a President they can rely on to safeguard their rights, alleviate financial burdens, and advocate on their behalf. Donald Trump has failed in this regard, but Joe Biden is the candidate who will fulfill these obligations,” the Biden campaign affirmed.

In response to this campaign initiative, Trump’s team rebuked the video as a distasteful maneuver, particularly on a day meant for celebration. Characterizing the Biden campaign’s actions as reflective of resentment and hostility, Trump’s team dismissed the video as a symptom of what they termed “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

“President Trump continues to occupy their minds, even on Mother’s Day,” Trump’s team remarked in a statement to Fox News Digital, portraying the Biden campaign’s efforts as indicative of their fixation on Trump rather than a genuine concern for maternal issues.