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Republicans Defy Biden, Build Border Wall


This is incredible!

As you already know, from the moment President Biden took office he and the Democrats have brought America to its knees.

Now the midterms are quickly approaching and Republicans have a very good feeling that they will be taking the House. With control of the House, the Republican Party along with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy are going to target Biden about one major issue: immigration.

According to Roll Call, When visiting the southern border with a group of Republicans back in April, McCarthy told President Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas what they will do when in charge. “At any time, if someone is derelict in their job, there is always the option of impeaching,” McCarthy said.

Republicans are not shy about openly admitting that as soon as they take the House they will zero-in on finishing former President Donald Trump’s border wall and undo all of Biden’s insane immigration policies.


They also have full intentions of holding President Biden and Mayorkas full accountable to the historically high border crossings that happened under their watch.

California Rep. Tom McClintock admitted, “This is affecting all Americans of all backgrounds. Every community in America is becoming a border community.”

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan said, “We need legislation to put back in place ‘Remain in Mexico. We need legislation to actually build the wall, finish the wall.”

The only thing that can stop the Republicans now is if Republican voters don’t show up to the voting booth in November, do not forget to cast your vote.