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VIDEO: Biden Makes Fun Of Trump


Biden thinks he’s funny.

As news continues to come out about former President Donald’s raid which happened at his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida, President Biden decided to break any and all forms of integrity and mock Trump.

As you know, since the raid took place, President Biden has aggressively denied having any hand in the decision making process of raiding Trump.


Biden has denied completely that he had anything to do with it and even went as far as lying and said that he had no idea that the DOJ and FBI was going to raid Trump.

Now it appears that Biden is further politicizing Trump’s raid by mocking him and telling reporters ‘”I’ve declassified everything in the world – I’m president!’ C’mon!”

Biden joked that he’s “declassified” everything because Trump has said a number of times that the documents which were in his home were all declassified documents and he had a right to take them.