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Biden Sabotages U.S. Borders


What is Biden thinking!

Republicans are doing everything in their power to continue putting pressure on President Biden, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Democrats who are planning to withdraw Title 42.

Title 42 is a policy that prevents migrants from seeking asylum within the United States.

According to The Hill, Republican Sen. Rick Scott is leading the GOP and strongly urging the DHS to not lift Trump’s Title 42 policy.


Title 42 allows for the rapid expulsion of migrants and asylum-seekers back to their country of nationality. President Biden has actually used the Title 42 policy himself over a million times already.

In a letter, Sen. Scott and other Republicans stated, “This policy served as an effective deterrent to illegal border crossings by removing the prospect of an illegal alien being permitted to remain in and move freely throughout the United States pending the outcome of immigration proceedings.”

The letter further explained, “This is a grave concern that threatens to overwhelm our already strained immigration system and will only exacerbate a disastrous situation at our southern border.”