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Police Raid Top Republican’s Home


Lawmakers have to make this stop.

Last month, the residence of Nikki Haley, a Republican presidential candidate in South Carolina, fell victim to a “swatting” incident, as per a report by Reuters. The incident unfolded on December 30 when an unidentified individual filed a false police report, claiming to have shot a woman and threatened self-harm at Haley’s home in Kiawah Island, according to town records disclosed by the news agency.

The occurrence, previously undisclosed, came to light when Reuters submitted a records request for threats against Haley’s residence. Craig Harris, the director of public safety for Kiawah Island, informed town officials via email that an unknown person had called 911, asserting to have shot his girlfriend and threatened self-harm while being at Nikki Haley’s residence. The email clarified that it was determined to be a hoax, emphasizing that Nikki Haley was not present on the island, and her son was accompanying her.


“Swatting,” a crime that has gained notoriety in the social media age, involves making a false police report, typically for a violent crime, to prompt a significant law enforcement response, such as a SWAT team, to the target’s location. In this case, the incident prompted coordination between local authorities, South Carolina’s state police, the FBI, and Haley’s security team for a comprehensive investigation.

Despite ongoing efforts, law enforcement has yet to publicly identify a suspect in the Nikki Haley case. This incident is part of a concerning trend of violent threats and acts of intimidation against public officials, with several lawmakers, including Sen. Rick Scott and Reps. Brandon Williams and Marjorie Taylor Greene, experiencing similar “swatting” incidents at their homes since Christmas. Both Republican and Democratic officials have been targeted, reflecting a broader pattern of security concerns for public figures leading up to the 2024 presidential election.