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Trump Allies Backstab Him


Could this really be true?

Former President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, is now claiming that Trump’s current advisers and allies are trying to take advantage of him.

According to Insider, Lewandowski warned, “I think a lot of people have seen the dollar signs with their relationship with Donald Trump.”

Adding, “They want him to run for office because it’s good for them or because they think there’s an opportunity down the road to chastise him, to write a book, a tell-all, or something like that.”


Lewandowski was running Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign but was eventually fired.

Lewandowski went on to explain that many of Trump’s supporters and staff are planning on supporting him until they leave his team and will “then chastise him or become a commentator on the networks.”

The funny thing is that Lewandowski himself did the same thing after he was fired by becoming a political commentator on Fox News and then on CNN. He also co-authored a book in 2017 that detailed his experience working with Trump titled, “Let Trump Be Trump: The Inside Story of His Rise to the Presidency.”