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Real Reason Democrats Prosecuting Trump

Democrats are playing a very dirty game.

Alina Habba, the lawyer for ex-President Donald Trump, stated on Friday that his immense popularity, as well as his plans to run for the presidency again in 2024, are the primary reasons behind the increasing number of legal cases being filed against him, both civil and criminal.

In transcript provided by Newsmax, Habba stated, “The more cases we get, the [harder] they hit. It’s because he’s effective. It’s the same reason he’s not on the news that often. They don’t want his voice out there. And, unfortunately, you’re not going to suppress him because his base is strong, his numbers are strong, and he’s doing very well.”

According to Habba, she has never witnessed anyone being subjected to persecution on the level that Trump has endured, especially when considering the significant issues that Americans are currently grappling with.

Habba added, “I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s completely unheard-of. It’s un-American. And, quite honestly, the fact that we have real crime happening in this country, we have a real problem with homelessness, we have a real problem with our border, we have real problem with the corrupt system and a son of a president that we know we know has done things that are illegal and, meanwhile, they’re more focused on Trump and the Trump family — whose children, frankly, are ethical and wonderful, outstanding people — and it’s very sad. It’s sad, honestly.”

The Manhattan district attorney in New York might bring criminal charges against Trump for his involvement in paying a former adult film actress “hush money” in order to conceal an alleged extramarital affair.

As per the report, District Attorney Alvin Bragg is providing an opportunity to Trump to testify before a grand jury that is investigating the case, which is not typically offered unless the subject of the investigation is expected to face charges.

In the event of an indictment, it would mark the first time where a president, either in office or a former one, has faced criminal accusations.

Apart from the Manhattan criminal case, there are several other legal predicaments that the former president is currently entangled in. One such issue is a second civil defamation lawsuit filed against him by author and advice columnist E. Jean Carroll. She alleges that Trump inappropriately assaulted her at the Bergdorf Goodman store on Fifth Avenue in New York City in the mid-1990s.