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JUST IN: Trump’s Coronavirus Test

JUST IN: Trump’s Coronavirus Test


Here are the details…

The President has come into contact with multiple people who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Now, according to the Gateway Pundit, during a White House press conference, where the president made his national emergency declaration, a reporter asked Trump if he plans on getting tested.

President Trump stated people “should listen to their doctors. They shouldn’t be jumping to get the test unless it’s necessary, but I think they have to listen to their doctors.”

One reporter then asked, “But doctors are saying you might have it even if you don’t show symptoms. Are you being selfish by not getting tested?


“I didn’t say I was not going to be tested,” Trump responded.

“Are you going to be?” the reporter insisted.

Trump then said, “Most likely. Not for that reason but I think I will anyway, fairly soon, we’re working out a schedule.

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Image credit: Peninsula Daily News