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Meghan McCain’s Jaw-Dropping Coronavirus Comment

Meghan McCain’s Jaw-Dropping Coronavirus Comment


There is a fine line and she just crossed it.

The fact that she thinks like this say it all…

Today, according to Breitbart News, Conservative host Meghan McCain of ABC’s “The View,” wildly said that this coronavirus “could be the silver bullet that takes out this administration.”

During a heated conversation on “The View,” McCain said, “The problem is when I watched it live like we all did, is he’s a politician that inspires anger really well. If you want to get riled up and angry, he’s a politician who does it well. The I feel your pain and fear, incapable of it. He could have been reading the phonebook last night. He should have been saying, I understand Americans are scared. Have a Ronald Reagan-esque moment. His inability to emote with the American people about how scary this is, and people at this point I can safely say there’s a lot of healthy fear— there’s a Quinnipiac poll that came out that says 56% see Joe Biden as a leader in crisis. I think this crisis has really shown it doesn’t matter at the end of the day how great the economy is, which by the way, 82% of his financial gains since he has been president have officially evaporate evaporated.”

McCain then said, “You want your leader to reassure you, and to say he didn’t do that for me last night is putting it very lightly.”


Adding, “Part of the problem right now is that when you traffic in lies and misinformation for a long period of time, the chicken’s coming home to roost right now with a lot of Americans on both sides.”

She finished her statement saying, “To lie about a rallies or numbers or how big your hands are these are an entirely different thing than lying about a possibly lethal disease that can kill God knows how many Americans. I think for him, he and Jared and Ivanka and the entire White House should know this could be the silver bullet that takes out this administration. I don’t mean that literally so everybody calm down.”

Repulsive! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

Image credit: RealClearPolitics