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VIDEO: Biden’s Disgusting Comment Sparks Anger


Is this what the Democrats support?

As you already know, President Biden was in Florida to survey all of the damages caused by Hurricane Ian.

During his trip to Florida, President Biden was caught on hot mic saying something absolutely insane.

According to Fox, while in Florida Biden was heard on hot mic telling Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy, “No one f—- with a Biden.


“Yeah, you’re go—– right,” the mayor shockingly responded to Biden.

It’s currently unclear what President Biden was referring to when he said “no one f—- with a Biden” however it was a very strange and somewhat ominous comment for him to make.

The president along with his wife Jill Biden were in Fisherman’s Wharf in Fort Myers where several homes and businesses were destroyed by the storm.


Wonder what the White House will say about this one.