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Obama Enters 2024 Race, Plots Against Trump


Obama is up to no good again.

According to The Washington Post, former President Obama held a private meeting with President Biden during the summer and shared some important insights. Obama cautioned Biden that former President Trump could be a more formidable candidate than many Democrats realize. The meeting, which took place in June, was reported by Washington Post White House reporter Tyler Pager, who had spoken to sources familiar with the event.

According to Fox, in the meeting, Obama expressed concerns about Trump’s political strengths, highlighting his fiercely loyal following, the supportive conservative media network, and the deeply divided state of the country. These factors made Obama worried about the potential strength of Trump as a candidate.

Despite these concerns, Obama assured Biden that he would support his re-election bid and pledged to do all he could to help him secure victory. This gesture was well-received by the White House, as Biden was seeking support from top Democrats at that time.


The lunch was part of the regular “catch up” meetings between the two leaders, where they discuss various political, policy, and personal matters, including updates about their families. While the White House stated that there was no specific agenda for the meeting, Trump’s polling and continued influence over the Republican Party were major topics of discussion.

It is worth noting that Obama’s support for Biden’s campaign will follow a playbook similar to his previous election strategies. This involves holding large rallies in swing states, hosting fundraisers for Democratic candidates, and creating advertisements for competitive congressional races.

Regarding Obama’s campaign plans, he is set to begin fundraising for Biden in the coming fall. Senior Obama adviser Eric Schultz declined to comment on the lunch but confirmed that Obama would tailor his campaign activity to maximize its effect, focusing on creative ways to reach new audiences and drive voter mobilization and volunteer activations.