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PROOF: Americans Want President Biden Gone


Biden is standing on his last leg now.

According to a recent survey conducted by I&I/TIPP, 63% of adults in the United States are of the opinion that President Joe Biden must either resign or be impeached if the allegations of bribery and corruption by foreign entities are confirmed.

According to Newsmax, the study shows that 33% of the respondents believe that impeachment is the correct course of action if the accusations turn out to be accurate, whereas 30% think that he should step down immediately. Only 20% of those surveyed want him to remain in the office and compete in the 2024 elections, with 17% undecided.

An analysis by political party illustrates that 85% of Republican respondents favor either impeachment or resignation, including 53% who advocate for impeachment and 32% for resignation. When it comes to independents, 64% believe Biden must leave the office through either impeachment (33%) or resignation (31%), with 15% supporting his re-run and 21% uncertain.

Within the Democratic party, opinions are divided. While 45% believe Biden should be either impeached (19%) or resign (26%) if the allegations are substantiated, 35% think he should stay in his position and seek re-election.


The corruption allegations against Biden have centered on his and his family’s dealings with foreign entities, particularly related to his son. The President has consistently denied having knowledge of any foreign transactions involving his son.

However, in a court hearing last week, President Biden’s son confessed to receiving over $500,000 from a company connected to the Chinese Communist Party, contradicting his father’s earlier statements that the Bidens did not make any “money from China.”

During a 2020 debate, Joe Biden had specifically addressed the issue, claiming that President Donald Trump was the only person who made money from China.

The Chair of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer, has pointed out evidence, including bank statements and numerous shell companies, which suggests that the Biden family might have received $40 million or more in payments from foreign agents. Comer described this as “organized crime.”

The mentioned poll was carried out from July 5-7, with a sample size of 1,341 American adults, and it has a margin of error of 2.7 percentage points.