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Trump’s Secret Service Bombshell


Trump didn’t hold back.

Former President Donald Trump fired back at the liberal media after they foolishly claimed that Trump lunged at a Secret Service agent during on Jan 6 in an attempt to force them into taking him back to the Capitol where the riot was going down.

According to Newsmax, Trump then said that he wants the the Secret Service tapesĀ far more than the Jan 6 committee wants them because he believes there is a lot that the America people deserve to see.

Trump explained in a statement, “I want the Secret Service tapes far more than the Unselect Committee of political Hacks and Thugs in that ridiculous and libelous story of me supposedly choking a big and strong Secret Service Agent around the neck while in the Beast (wrong car!) would be shown to be, as the Secret Service has already confirmed, Fake (and Fraudulent!).”


Trump then added, “Likewise, there was no throwing of food, and I did not want to be surrounded by strangers ‘with guns’ during my ‘Peacefully & Patriotically’ speech. Fake News!”

The liberal media and Jan 6 Committee were spreading disinformation which claimed that Trump lunged at a Secret Service agent and attempted to convince to American people that that was true.

They also claimed that Trump reached for the steering wheel to force them into turning around and heading to the Capitol none of this was proven true.