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Obama Makes Total Fool Of Himself


Obama has lost it.

Former President Barack Obama was immediately mocked online after he recently announced on Twitter that his foundation was planning to combat misinformation being spread online and on social media.

According to Fox, Obama took Twitter and wrote, “In recent years, we’ve seen how quickly disinformation spreads, especially on social media. This has created real challenges for our democracy.”

He then said, “Part of the reason it’s hard to bring about change is because we live in a media environment that elevates falsehoods as much as truths, and divides people as much as it brings them together. Through the @ObamaFoundation, we’re working to empower and equip emerging leaders to tackle issues like the spread of disinformation.”


According to Fox News, Conservatives on social media immediately fired back at Obama for a number of lies and misinformation which was pushed by himself and the Democrats as a whole.

Conservative writer Jeryl Bier fired back at Obama with a screenshot of a Politifact article labeling Obama’s infamous healthcare line [“If you like your health care plan, you can keep it”] the “Lie of The Year.” 

Then Real Clear Investigations Editor Benjamin Weingarten asked Obama about the Trump-Russia collusion story which was spread far and wide by the mainstream media which was proven to be a hoax to ruin Trump’s election chances.

Former National Security Agency analyst John Schindler asked Obama, “Why did you order the shutdown of the only office in the entire US Government that was devoted to combating and debunking Russian disinformation — one year *before* Trump’s election?”