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Trump Warns Of Democrats’ Next Attack


How much more can these unhinged Democrats do?

Former President Donald Trump expressed concern that the “radical left Democrats” would intensify their efforts to discredit him through fabricated investigations and relentless attacks, attributing their motivation to his consistently high polling numbers.

According to Newsmax, in a post on Truth Social, Former President Donald Trump shared his thoughts on a recent poll indicating a significant lead over Biden in the general election. Trump noted that this outcome would likely prompt the radical left Democrats to intensify their false investigations against him, as they realize their inability to secure victory through democratic means.

Trump then wrote, “Trump-hating special prosecutor Jack Smith, whose family and friends are big-time haters also, will be working overtime on this treasonous quest. They are scoundrels and cheats. This is all about election interference.”

“I hope Republicans in Congress are watching!” he added.


During a week when the House Weaponization Committee heard testimonies from three whistleblowers, Former President Donald Trump’s comments took place. These whistleblowers alleged that the FBI engaged in retaliation against them due to their dissenting views on investigative approaches and concerns over potential targeting of American individuals.

In recent developments, the Durham Report was released this week, shedding light on the origins of the investigation into alleged connections between the Trump campaign and Russia. The report highlighted that the basis for launching the investigation lacked concrete evidence and relied heavily on unverified allegations made by opponents of Donald Trump.

Trump has consistently maintained his belief that Democrats, what he refers to as the “deep state” within the federal government, and prosecutors supported by George Soros funding have been actively involved in a campaign to entrap him through continuous investigations, lawsuits, and legal battles. According to Trump, these actions are aimed at preventing him from running for the presidency in 2024.

According to the information presented in the Durham Report, it appears that the efforts against Trump were initiated prior to his victory in the 2016 presidential election and before he assumed office in the White House.