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Voters Abandon Democrats and Republicans


This is surprising.

New research which was conducted by the Pew Research center has found that an astounding 61% of Americans believe that the Republican Party was unfavorable and 57% thought the same thing about the Democrat party as well.

What’s even more interesting is that around 25% of Americans say that they have an unfavorable opinion about both parties. In 1994 that number was just 6%.

According to CNBC, political experts believe these numbers have grown simply because of “political polarization” in the United States.


New America’s Lee Drutman explained, “It’s a two-party system and you have to pick one side or the other. If we are in a situation in which one party believes that the other party winning the election would be so disastrous to the country that maybe we should intervene to prevent the other party from winning, then you don’t really have a democracy anymore.”

What’s even worse is more than half, 56% to be exact, of all voters believe that there needs to be a third major party and as a result smaller parties are seeing a surge in popularity such as the libertarian party.