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Trump’s Chilling Warning To Republican Voters


Trump is more serious than ever before.

Donald Trump has addressed the upcoming 2024 presidential election, characterizing it as the “final battle” against the perceived “tyrannical establishment” in Washington. Through his Truth Social platform, the former president, currently leading the Republican candidate race, urged his supporters to vote out “Joe Biden and every last Democrat in 2024” and emphasized the need to “fight.”

According to Newsweek, in his message, Trump asserted that the election transcends defeating Joe Biden alone; it is about overthrowing the entire alleged corrupt and tyrannical establishment in the nation’s capital. He framed the choice as determining whether power in America remains in the hands of the establishment or is reclaimed by the citizens who drive the country.

Trump portrayed 2024 as a decisive moment, describing it as the culmination of the work initiated seven years prior. Simultaneously, he opted out of the third GOP debate in Miami, choosing to hold a rally in Hialeah, Florida, where he highlighted the impressive turnout.


Trump wrote, “This race is not just about beating Crooked Joe—it’s about DEFEATING the entire rotten, corrupt, and tyrannical establishment in Washington, DC. This election will decide whether power in America belongs to THEM, forever—or whether it belongs to YOU, the men and women who make this country run. 2024 is our final battle. Stand with me in this fight, and we will FINISH the job that we started 7 years ago tonight!”

Recent polls indicate Trump maintaining significant support within the Republican party, averaging at 56.5 percent, while his closest rival, DeSantis, stands at 13.9 percent. Notably, a November 3 poll suggested Trump leading President Joe Biden in key swing states, potentially securing over 300 Electoral College votes.

However, Trump is not without challenges, facing various legal issues, including a civil fraud lawsuit by New York Attorney General Letitia James and 91 federal and state charges across four indictments. Despite these legal hurdles, Trump remains defiant, denying all allegations.

The poll also explored the potential impact of criminal convictions on Trump’s support, indicating a potential erosion of around 6 percent in swing states if he were to face conviction.