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Breaking: Trump To Announce 2024 Presidential Run


Here’s what happened…

Three familiar sources have now told Axios that former President Donald Trump and his inner circle are now planning to officially announce his 2024 presidential run on November 14th.

According to Axios, Trump’s announcement will come after a multi-day series of political events to fire up his voter base like never before.

Trump along with several of his top advisors have been hinting at the presidential run since he left office in 2020 and now it looks like there is officially a date set for him to do so.


It’s important to note that things could change and it is unclear if Donald Trump wanted the media to know that he was expecting to announce on November 14th however the cat’s out of the bag on this one.

With a number of polls showing that the Republican Party will win big on the midterms November 8th, Trump will likely double up on the good news by telling the American people that he is running just 6 days after the midterms.

At the moment it is unclear who will run against Trump for the Republican nomination however it is known that Trump is the clear leader of the GOP.

Maybe the Republican Party should give Trump the nomination unchallenged and let him better prepare for facing off against President Biden or whoever the Democrats want to replace Biden with.