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PROOF: Biden And Democrats Spying On Conservatives

Get a load of this folks.

Under President Biden it’s beginning to feel like we’re living communist China.

It now appears that the Democratic state of New York will now force anyone who wants to carry concealed handguns to show the state any and all of their social media accounts and have them reviewed for “character and conduct.”

According to Newsmax, Democrats have applauded this new rule but experts are wondering how they will enforce this new law and how it will affect free speech concerns.

Furthermore, sheriffs haven’t even received any additional funding to handle this new application process of inspecting people’s social media accounts and the New York Sheriffs’ Association believes it infringes on Second Amendment rights.

Executive director of the New York Sheriffs’ Association Peter Kehoe stated, “I don’t think we would do that. I think it would be a constitutional invasion of privacy.”

Democrats and Governor Kathy Hochul have put in place this new law because they believe that most mass shooters sometimes drop hints online about their plan to carry out heinous attacks on innocent people.

Jared Yanis, host of the YouTube channel Guns & Gadgets, criticized Democrats and said, “You’re also going to have to tell them your social media accounts because New York wants to thoroughly investigate you to figure out if you’re some of those dangerous law-abiding citizens who are taking the country by storm and causing crime to skyrocket. What have we come to?”