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Biden Getting Replaced By Who?


This would be a nightmare!

On Monday, Kari Lake, a Republican candidate for one of Arizona’s U.S. Senate seats, discussed the possibility of the Democratic Party selecting California Governor Gavin Newsom as their presidential nominee for the 2024 election during an interview with Newsmax. Lake, who appeared on “Eric Bolling The Balance,” suggested that Democrats are making strategic moves to sideline President Joe Biden.

Lake expressed her concerns regarding Gavin Newsom, characterizing his tenure as California’s governor as disastrous. She noted that despite this, the Democratic Party seems to be paving the way for his potential presidential candidacy. Lake commented on Newsom’s recent visit to China, where he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing, implying that this indicated alignment with influential figures within the Democratic Party.


She argued that the Democratic Party’s push for Newsom may stem from their anticipation of a potential failure with Joe Biden in the lead. Lake speculated that they may be considering Newsom as a more viable alternative to both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, whom she described as disastrous choices that would fail to garner support from voters.

Lake cited data indicating Joe Biden’s current approval rating below 40% and a disapproval rating of nearly 54%, as reported by a FiveThirtyEight poll average. She also referenced an August poll from CNN and SSRS, which indicated that 67% of likely Democratic voters believe the party should nominate someone other than Biden for the upcoming presidential election. When asked about their concerns regarding Biden in 2024, respondents mentioned age, mental acuity, ability to handle the job, and popularity, with the majority expressing some form of apprehension.

Kari Lake, who officially launched her U.S. Senate campaign on October 10, received support from former President Donald Trump shortly after the announcement, as conveyed through a Truth Social video. If she secures the Republican primary, Lake is expected to face a competitive three-way race against incumbent Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who has become an independent, and Democratic Representative Ruben Gallego.