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Ilhan Omar Laughs At Most Inappropriate Time

Ilhan Omar Laughs At Most Inappropriate Time


Get this vile women out of politics right away!

Just when we thought Ilhan Omar had shown America her ugly side, she goes and does this…

Reports have just come in from the Daily Wire, that Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar actually LAUGHED during a press conference where Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), was talking about the U.S. casualties during the Iraq war!

“I’m very glad to say that I was part of the 132 and also the vote for Barbara Lee’s amendment, but I think that the point of that is that that is the same war that we’re dealing with today,” Lee stated. “We never solved any problems with AUMF, we left four thousand plus, maybe even forty four hundred dead, and over sixty thousand who came back injured in some form and the war never ended.”

While Lee was delivering her speech Omar couldn’t help but laugh as she stood behind her when the deaths of Americans was being discussed.


There are just some things you should never laugh at. Do you think Ilhan Omar was wrong for this or was it just an innocent mistake? Let us know in the comments below…

Image credit: Image credit: The Inquisitr