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Democrats Panic After Trump Does This


This was strange.

Mainstream media erupted in controversy after former President Donald Trump was spotted heading to the New Jersey airport on Sunday evening and then another flight plan filed from Dulles in Virginia which is a common international airport used to fly into Washington, D.C.

The media is questioning why former President Donald Trump may be heading to Washington. D.C.



According to Raw Story, Trump was then spotted landing in Dulles and then hopping into another all black SUV.

Democrats are now very concerned that Trump headed to D.C. because he may be trying to fundraise with large donors which is a sure-fire sign that he’s gearing up for another 2024 presidential run.

Other liberals on social media were spreading unfounded claims that Trump as put into handcuffs because he was turning himself in upon landing. These claims have not been proven and was largely spread on social media such as Twitter by angry liberals.

Others more serious speculations were that Trump was visiting the Walter Reed hospital for some kind of secret medical treatment. While it isn’t necessary for Trump to visit Walter Reed, that specific hospital is subject to any Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

There is a lot of misinformation spread across social media about Trump’s reason for traveling. This is currently a developing story and very little is actually known more updates to follow.