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Newsom Gets Revenge On Republicans

These Democrats are pathetic.

In a dirty new tactic, Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew California Governor Gavin Newsom had Democrats in his state model a new bill based off of Texas’ abortion law that would allow private citizens to sue anyone who manufactures, sells, transports or distributes illegal “assault weapons and ghost guns.”

Newsom basically copied last year’s Texas abortion ban and applied it to gun manufacturers. The bill Newsom ripped off out of Texas made it so that abortion would be illegal after a heartbeat was detected and gave citizens the right to sue physicians, drivers or anyone else who helped a woman get an abortion for $10,000.

According to Fox, the new California law will allow $10,000 in damages per weapon to private citizens who decide to sue. The people who sue can also be awarded the same amount if they file a lawsuit against someone who decides to illegally sell guns to people who are under 21 years old.

During a press conference, Newsom said, “Our message to the criminals spreading illegal weapons in California is simple: you have no safe harbor here in the Golden State. While the Supreme Court rolls back reasonable gun safety measures, California continues adding new ways to protect the lives of our kids. California will use every tool at its disposal to save lives, especially in the face of an increasingly extreme Supreme Court.”

Director of Gun Owners of California Sam Paredes slammed Newsom and said, “It is obvious that this is a retaliation against lawful gun owners and the court because of the Texas decision. There’s a full expectation that the firearms industry will have a very strong reaction towards the signing of this bill. They are really, really trying to be nothing but vindictive against lawful people in the firearms industry. All of our attorneys are in the process of evaluating what we are going to do on this thing.”