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DeSantis Out Of Election


Trump is coming out swinging.

Former President Donald Trump appears to believe that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will run against him for the GOP nomination in 2024 and now Trump is already launching attacks against the governor.

According to American Military News, Trump launched his first blatant attack at DeSantis by sharing a video of journalist Megyn Kelly saying that DeSantis couldn’t defeat Trump in 2024.

Trump shared the video on his social media platform and wrote “I AGREE!” above the clip.


In the video, Megyn Kelly can be heard telling host Dave Rubin, “[Trump] sucks up all the energy in every room, no matter what, and even someone as skilled as a politician, and smart policy-wise, as DeSantis can’t overcome that. He can’t.”

Kelly later added that “the hardcore Trump faithful is unshakeable,” and while conservative voters still like DeSantis, “they don’t think it’s his turn.”

Megyn Kelly later added that Republican voters “think DeSantis owes his political career to Trump. If forced to choose, they will choose Trump.”