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Biden And Kamala Take Emergency Flight


here’s what happened…

Following the debate between Democratic Senate hopeful John Fetterman and Republican Mehmet Oz, it quickly became very apparent to Democrats that Fetterman is doomed!

In fact, the debate was so bad that now President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will take an emergency flight to Pennsylvania to help Fetterman regain support that he lost in the debate.

It’s extremely rare to see both the President and Vice President team up to do this for their own party but they are still doing it.


According to The Hill, one Democratic strategist explained, “It’s always helpful to have the two leaders of the party out there in the final push. Is it risky? Maybe. But it sends a powerful message in a really important race.” 

This is so rare that the last time both President Biden And V.P. Kamala appeared at an event together outside of Washington D.C. was in January in Atlanta. 

Fetterman’s outcome could tip the scales to a 50-50 Senate. Pennsylvania has always been the best place for Democrats to go to win elections but this particular election has unprecedented attention on it.

Biden has been ruthlessly attacking Oz in hopes to give Fetterman the upper hand but this latest debate has shown Pennsylvania residents who they are voting for.