Thursday, June 30, 2022
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[VIDEO] Top Republicans Get Into Fist Fight?

This is absolutely crazy!

In a move that has Republican voters absolutely speechless, two leading Republican candidates for the upcoming Republican Senate primary in Ohio nearly resorted to physical violence during a very heated debate in front of cameras!

According to Politico’s Natalie Allison, the two men in question were Ohio Senate candidates Josh Mandel and Mike Gibbons who both are in the lead for the upcoming election. Both Mandel and Gibbons got in each others faces and were seconds away from hitting each other.

The fight began when Gibbons smeared Mandel and said, “You might not understand this cause you’ve never been in the private sector in your entire life.”

Mandel then got in Gibbons face and replied, “I’ve worked sir. Two tours in Iraq. Don’t tell me I haven’t worked!”

“You don’t know squat,” Gibbons shot back.

“Two tours in Iraq!” Mandel shouted.

Then after both men told each other to “back off,” Mandel says, “Watch this. Watch it. You’re dealing with the wrong guy. You watch what happens.”

“Pu*sy,” Gibbons shouts back before people intervene between the two.


Now while this does look like something that would happen on a Friday night at President Biden’s private residence, it is certainly very unprofessional for Republicans to act in the manner.


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