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Biden Exposes Trump Traitors

Biden Exposes Trump Traitors

Could this be true?

In a shocking turn of events, Trump ally Steve Bannon dropped a bombshell and admitted that President Joe Biden claimed that there were at least five Republican senators who wanted to support him but were scared to because they would have to face primary challenges by pro-Trump candidates if they did so.

According to Raw Story, During his daily “War Room” podcast, Bannon claimed that he was not surprised to find out that five Republicans have anti-Trump thoughts.

Bannon stated, “The five traitors — and this is the scumbags and slimeballs you have here in the nation’s capital — he got five Republican senators have told him they agree with what he’s doing. They agree with what he’s doing and they would vote and support him, but they’re afraid of, wait for it, the War Room Posse.”

Bannon then demanded that these five Senators reveal themselves and also suggest the Senator Lindsey Graham could be one of them as well.

“Have enough guts to step up and tell us, Lindsey Graham, who you are,” Bannon stated. “We need you guys to step up to the plate, Lindsey Graham!”