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Pelosi’s Replacement


This is very interesting.

Democrats are some crooked people and now it appears that one of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s potential replacements has just quietly decided to stop trading stocks.

According to Business Insider, Rep. Katherine Clark who is the fourth highest ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives has quietly stopped trading all stocks after she was caught violating the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act.

It has just been discovered that Rep. Clark, who could soon replace Pelosi, last disclosed any of her stock trades in September 2021.


Clark and her husband Rodney Dowell dumped over two dozen stocks of popular companies such as Microsoft, PepsiCo, Visa, and more which amounted to around $285,000.

Both Rep. Clark and her husband Dowell decided to stop trading stocks at the exact time that frustration grew with lawmakers profiting off of Wall Street with insider information that only they can know.

It’s interesting to see Rep. Clark changing her investment behavior so abruptly. Has Pelosi tapped her to take over her position after she decides to resign from office? Seems likely.