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Biden Defunds Schools

Biden Defunds Schools

This was highly uncalled for.

President Biden and his administration recently threatened that state of Arizona that they would take back over $160 million worth of coronavirus relief money that the state of Arizona designated for its schools if they didn’t stop putting restrictions on schools that had mask mandates.

According to Fox, the Treasury Department issued the warning after learning that Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey’s administration was fighting with the White House over Arizona’s ban on mask requirements in schools.

Gov. Doucey sided with many upset parents about their children being forced to wear masks in schools, something that President Biden is demanding happen.

The Treasury Department’s letter stated, “By discouraging families and school districts from following this guidance, the conditions referenced above undermine efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19. Accordingly, these school programs as currently structured are ineligible uses of SLFRF funds.”

The letter further explained, “Failure to take either step within sixty (60) calendar days may result in Treasury initiating an action to recoup SLFRF funds used in violation of the eligible uses. Treasury may also withhold funds from the State of Arizona’s second tranche installment of SLFRF funds until Treasury receives information that confirms that the issues described above have been adequately addressed.”