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VIDEO: Obama Tells Biden To Hide?


Is it back to the basement for Biden?

After the New Hampshire Republican primary, a former Obama administration official expressed a critical perspective on Joe Biden’s approach. Van Jones, a CNN pundit and former special adviser in the Obama White House, suggested that Biden should remain in the background. Jones argued that Biden lacks the ability to inspire confidence and isn’t an effective messenger for his own campaign. He emphasized the need for those benefiting from the Biden economy to take a more prominent role in speaking out.

Kate Bedingfield, former White House communications director, countered this viewpoint, asserting that Biden ran a disciplined campaign, especially during the global pandemic, which reassured people and contributed to his election in 2020. However, David Axelrod, a former Obama campaign strategist critical of Biden’s re-election effort, acknowledged Biden’s achievements but expressed concern about his performance, citing polls reflecting an image of weakness.

Axelrod highlighted a perception that the world is out of control, and Biden isn’t in command, a narrative Trump is exploiting. Jones echoed worries that Republicans aren’t afraid of Biden and believe that even with numerous deficits, he remains competitive in the polls. Meanwhile, reports suggested Obama privately frets over Trump’s potential to win a rematch with Biden, though Biden’s team remains confident, vowing to run as if they are behind.

In the latest RealClearPolitics aggregate, Trump holds a 3.8 percentage point lead over Biden in the general election popular vote. The dynamics of the campaign are unfolding amid debates about Biden’s performance and the strategies needed to secure victory in the upcoming election.