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Trump Reveals Skeleton In Haley’s Closet

Trump has a stern warning for Haley.

After securing a decisive victory with an 11.5 percent margin over former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley, Donald Trump delivered a stern warning to his rival. Following his unprecedented win in Iowa, where he garnered 51.01 percent of the vote, Trump continued his winning streak by claiming New Hampshire with 54.5 percent of the primary vote. Haley, his primary contender, trailed with 43.2 percent, making the state the sole competitive primary in the country.

In his post-New Hampshire victory address to supporters, Trump launched a scathing attack on Haley, criticizing her personal style and belittling her campaign’s performance despite her acting as though she had won. Drawing parallels to his own legal battles, Trump asserted that Haley would face an investigation “within minutes” if she clinched the Republican primary, without specifying the alleged reasons.

Trump warned that if she won, Haley would be under investigation for “stuff she doesn’t want to talk about”.

Trump’s warning to Haley lacked elaboration, leaving the nature of the purported investigation unclear.

Responding to her defeat, Haley expressed gratitude to voters in New Hampshire and rejected the notion that the race was over prematurely. Despite trailing Trump, she outperformed expectations, winning 19.1 percent of the vote in Iowa, where she secured third place after Trump and Ron DeSantis, who withdrew from the race and endorsed the former president.

Amid speculations about Haley’s potential withdrawal, she affirmed her commitment to continuing the race in her home state of South Carolina next month. Addressing Trump’s tactics, Haley asserted that his strategy of spreading falsehoods about her record wouldn’t succeed in South Carolina, emphasizing her accomplishments such as tax cuts, stringent immigration legislation, and welfare-to-work initiatives.

In national polls, Trump maintains a commanding lead with 67.7 percent of the vote as of January 23, significantly ahead of Haley’s 12.4 percent, according to FiveThirtyEight. The political landscape remains dynamic as the candidates gear up for the upcoming contests, and Haley remains steadfast in her determination to compete in South Carolina.