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Biden Disgraced, Shocking New Video Revealed

Biden Disgraced, Shocking New Video Revealed


Things have gotten unspeakably bad.

The internet is ablaze right now with shocking new video of the Taliban taking over Afghanistan after President Joe Biden decided to pull troops out and “ending” a 20 year war.

America left behind million if not billions of dollars worth of weapons and armored vehicles and it has all been taken by the Taliban. Some even claim that the Taliban is now stronger than it was before the war started.

Here are just some of the American military items taken:

Earlier this morning the BBC said, “Afghanistan is on the brink of a Taliban takeover and a transfer of power to a transitional government is being prepared, a government minister says.”


It’s clear to all of America right now that Biden failed tremendously.

Watch as Taliban soldiers enter the Presidential Palace in Kabul, a location experts predicted would last several days if not weeks, but was merely taken in a matter of hours:

What does the White House have to say about all of this? Sadly, all they did was release a picture of President Joe Biden sitting by himself watching as America losses to the Taliban thanks to him:

So what will come of all this? It is currently too soon to tell however this certainly isn’t good. Share your thoughts in the comments below…

Image credit: KGET