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Biden’s Insane Lie Sparks Outrage


This is a preposterous lie by Biden.

President Biden faced criticism on social media after claiming that his administration had generated more jobs in its first two years than any other president had achieved in four years.

According to Fox, the president’s Twitter account posted, “My Administration has created more jobs in two years than any previous administration has created in the first four years. It’s no accident. It means our economic plan is working and this is only the beginning.”

However, Biden’s tweet was swiftly criticized on social media, with users pointing out that much of the job growth during his term was the result of jobs being recovered from the impact of coronavirus lockdown measures. Nick Short, the Communications Director of the Claremont Institute, tweeted, “72% of all job gains since 2021 were simply jobs that were being recovered from the pandemic, not new job creation. Prior to the pandemic, job creation under Trump was 6.7 million—3 million more jobs than the current President.”

On Tuesday night, Twitter added a community note to Biden’s post, providing additional context, but it appeared to have been removed the following day. The note stated, “90% of new jobs during Biden’s term can be attributed to the post-pandemic return to work.”

EJ Antoni, a research fellow in regional economics with The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis, criticized Biden’s emphasis on job creation, calling it “preposterous” to consider jobs recovered from pandemic-related sanctions as new job creation. Antoni highlighted that under President Trump, average monthly job “creation” was 1.4 million after the initial lockdowns, compared to 500,000 under Biden. Furthermore, job growth remains below pre-pandemic levels, as many people have not reentered the workforce, leading to a depressed labor force participation rate and employment-to-population ratio.

Antoni also noted that the economy poses challenges for those who are currently employed. Average weekly earnings have decreased by 5.1% under Biden when adjusted for inflation, while financing costs have risen, further straining household budgets.

In response, a White House spokesperson defended “Bidenomics” and claimed that there are over 13 million more jobs in America now compared to when President Biden took office. The spokesperson stated, “That’s almost 4 million more jobs than we had before COVID, a historically fast and strong recovery.” The White House added that independent experts initially projected the unemployment rate to fall below 4% by the end of 2025, but under Bidenomics, it had reached that level four years earlier and remained there for the past 18 months.