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MAGA World Makes McCarthy Pay


McCarthy does not realize what he just did.

Former President Trump and his supporters are reportedly angry with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy following McCarthy’s statement on a Sunday show where he expressed uncertainty about Trump’s suitability as a candidate to defeat President Biden.

According to Fox, during an interview on CNBC, McCarthy said, “Can he win that election? Yeah, he can win that election. The question is: ‘Is he the strongest to win the election?’ I don’t know that answer.”

To make amends, McCarthy personally apologized to Trump, explaining that he misspoke during the interview, as reported by the New York Times. Additionally, McCarthy’s team sent out donation requests stating that “Trump is the STRONGEST opponent to Biden!” as part of their apology.


However, tensions remained high, as Trump and his team are extremely protective of Trump’s image and require Republicans to seek permission before using him for fundraising purposes. Consequently, McCarthy’s office received demands to take down the fundraiser, which had been circulated to supporters through text messages and emails, according to Politico.

This incident occurs at a time when Trump continues to exert influence over the Republican primary field, despite pressure from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Nonetheless, polling data indicates that Trump would lose to Biden in a hypothetical general election, with a split of 49-45.

During an interview with Fox News’ Mark Meredith ahead of his Tuesday town hall in New Hampshire, DeSantis emphasized that his campaign is actively pushing back against Trump’s lead, stating that he can effectively respond to Trump’s criticisms, or else he would not be running.

Meanwhile, Trump is launching his comeback campaign for the 2024 election while simultaneously dealing with serious legal issues. He is facing 37 federal criminal charges, including willful retention of national defense information, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and making false statements. This marks the first instance in U.S. history where a former president has faced federal criminal charges.