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BREAKING: Biden Drops Out, Names Replacement?


Can you believe Biden actually said this?

President Biden delivered excessive praise for California Governor Gavin Newsom during a gathering of world leaders, commending his gubernatorial performance and even suggesting that Newsom could take to any position, including the presidency if he wanted to. The statement, made at a significant event in San Francisco, coincided with rising discontent within Newsom’s own party and a notable drop in approval ratings.

According to Fox, the President’s remarks come at a time when Governor Newsom has been the subject of rumors regarding a potential “shadow campaign.” Critics, including Representative Doug LaMalfa, have questioned Newsom’s recent international trips, such as visits to Israel during its conflict with Hamas and meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping in China. LaMalfa has labeled Newsom as the “backup quarterback” in the 2024 race, highlighting concerns within the Democratic Party about the strength of a Biden nomination.

Notably, some Democrats are voicing their reservations about President Biden’s potential 2024 candidacy. Former Representative Tim Ryan expressed doubt about the viability of both Biden and former President Trump running again, while David Axelrod, a former adviser to President Obama, raised questions about the wisdom of a Biden nomination for the Democratic Party.

An anonymous former state lawmaker in Michigan characterized Biden as a “transitional president,” suggesting that his suitability for 2020 may not extend to 2024. This sentiment reflects a broader debate within the Democratic Party about whether Biden should continue in his role or make way for a new generation of leaders.


Senator John Fetterman accused Governor Newsom of running a “shadow campaign” without officially declaring his intentions, a claim made during a Democratic Party dinner in Iowa. Fetterman asserted that Newsom and another Democrat were already running for president, with Newsom lacking the “guts to announce it.”

Despite these internal debates, Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chávez Rodríguez, praised Governor Newsom as a “tremendous asset” to the Biden campaign and acknowledged his role on the national advisory board. Newsom, for his part, has stated that he will not run against Biden in 2024. However, speculation abounds about potential Democratic alternatives positioning themselves for a presidential run should Biden decide not to seek reelection.

As the Democratic Party grapples with these dynamics, recent polls indicate a notable decline in President Biden’s approval ratings. Both Fox News and Quinnipiac University surveys reveal a 59% disapproval rate for Biden’s job performance. Additionally, a CNN poll suggests a hypothetical 2024 matchup between Biden and Trump, with Biden trailing by four percentage points among registered voters.

In the midst of this political landscape, Democratic Representative Dean Phillips of Minnesota and spiritual guru Marianne Williamson have thrown their hats into the primary race against Biden. The complex interplay of party dynamics, individual ambitions, and public sentiment continues to shape the unfolding narrative of the Democratic Party’s future.