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Biden Hiding WHAT At His House?

Biden Hiding WHAT At His House?


This is worrisome.

During his first year of presidency, Joe Biden spent a shocking 28% of his time at his home in Delaware.

According to the NY Post, what’s even worse about this is that transparency advocates are concerned because President Biden is not releasing the visitor log disclosure of who comes and goes to his house when he is there.

When asked about this very serious concern, President Biden’s press team simply says that he enjoys being home and gives little information after that.

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton raised his concerns and stated, “Generally speaking, the American people have a right to know what the president is up to. This president specifically changed policy to presumably disclose who’s been visiting the White House.”

“The decision to keep secret who is visiting Delaware makes a mockery of that transparency. It turns it into a joke,” Fitton further explained.


Why is Biden keeping who comes to home in Delaware a secret?

Of his first year as president, Biden spent 101 days at him home in Delaware which is surprising to many.

Biden has vowed on a number of occasions that he has the most transparent administration yet however he is proving the exact opposite.

When pressed about the issue of secrecy in the past, Biden’s White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted that they have no plans on releasing who visits Biden’s house.

“I can confirm we are not going to be providing information about the comings and goings of the president’s grandchildren or people visiting him in Delaware,” Psaki stated in August.