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Democrats’ New Scheme To Block Trump From 2024 Run

This excuse is pathetic and downright embarrassing.

Aquilino Gonell, a former U.S. Capitol Police Sergeant, expressed his belief that the blocking of former President Trump from holding public office again could bring about a sense of closure in the aftermath of the January 6th riots. In an interview on SiriusXM with Dean Obeidallah, Gonell articulated his uncertainty about what closure truly means to him.

According to The Hill, He suggested that closure might manifest in various ways, such as Trump being legally prevented from entering the political arena or even facing imprisonment as a consequence of his actions. Gonell emphasized that Trump’s actions had placed the lives of others in jeopardy, potentially resulting in the forfeiture of his assets.

Currently, the former President is entangled in several legal battles across different states seeking to exclude him from the 2024 presidential ballot. Lawyers argue that Trump violated Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which stipulates that those who have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the government cannot hold office.

Gonell, who is also the author of the forthcoming book, “American Shield: The Immigrant Sergeant Who Defended Democracy,” reiterated his belief that Trump bears responsibility for the attack on the Capitol, given his position as the President of the United States. He previously accused Trump of betraying his constitutional oath.

Gonell pointed out that the insurrection occurred while President Biden had not yet been inaugurated, and he viewed it as an assault on Trump’s own government. He underscored that the safety of several high-ranking members of Congress was jeopardized during the events, posing a significant threat to national security.

Expressing his frustration, Gonell questioned why some individuals continued to make excuses for Trump’s actions. He had previously been awarded a Congressional Gold Medal for his role in defending the Capitol against the rioters.

Furthermore, Gonell revealed that he had sustained injuries on January 6 that rendered him unable to fulfill the physical aspects of his role. Prosecutors noted that a rioter named Kyle Fitzsimons, a professional butcher from Maine, inflicted a severe shoulder injury on Gonell, described as “career-ending and life-altering.” Gonell disclosed that he had feared for his life during the attack and had come close to using lethal force on Fitzsimons when he suffered his injury.