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McCarthy Drops Bombshell On Jan 6 Committee

He didn’t hold back.

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy who has been subpoenaed by the January 6 committee blasted them for the several injustices that they have committed against him, former President Donald Trump, Republicans, and MAGA supporters.

McCarthy then said that he was open to complying with their subpoena however he strongly believes that the Jan 6 Committee has divided the country more than any other group in recent times.

According to Insider, McCarthy explained, “I’ve never said I wouldn’t participate.” He then added that he has been “denied the right to participate in the investigation” in a fair manner.

McCarthy went on to say that the Jan 6 Committee is “the most political and least legitimate committee in American history. It has permanently damaged the House and divided this country.”

Sadly, McCarthy is right. This committee does not appear to want to find the truth but instead they are looking to find a way to ensure that former President Donald Trump cannot run again in 2024. Why are they so scared of Trump running again in 2024? Is it because they know he will win?